Monday, August 24, 2009

Be ready to take advantage of press coverage

Eighty-year-old New Jerseyan Alfred Pristash wrote a memoir that was published for him by Author House.

Pristash spent 18 months writing the manuscript in longhand, and then dictated it to a son who typed it. The book received extensive and complimentary coverage in and in a major New Jersey newspaper. The article mentions that the book sells for $73.99 and is available at

I was curious to see how a vanity-press book could possibly justify that high price. Unfortunately the Amazon page had just basic facts like page count and size. There were no reviews and no information that might convince me to spend $73.99. The AuthorHouse website links for “About the Book, “About the Author” and “Free Preview” contained nothing. I did not place an order.

If you are lucky enough to get media coverage of your book, be sure your online presence is ready to back it up and sell some books!

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