Monday, May 18, 2009

An award-winner from the Borat Akademi of Writteningistics

Some "writers" should not be allowed in the same room as a pen or a keyboard.

Republished without alteration from an unmentioned blog:

Writing Can also Make You A Big Fortune

I like writhing, because writing is good way to express your feelings and record the different moments-happy and sad in the life. It keeps thinking while writing and my brain become clearer to think about the things from different angles. It is very good to me and makes me think like a wise man. What’s more, when I get old in the future, all the articles can be wonderful memories when I read it again. Otherwise, writing can be a good way to make a living. I read a report the other day. It is said that a self-publisher called Gang Chen earned 100,000 US dollars during the past half year. It is a piece of exciting news for those who love writings as me. We can enjoy the pleasure of writing and need not to worry about the living problems any more. Self-publishing has become more and more popular all across the country recently. More and more people who like writing began to try self-publishing, not always write articles to earn some money that is just enough for the living. They can make a big fortune through writing and self publishing. That is really great. I will try it. What about you? What do you think after you read this exciting news?

What do I think? I think you should not write in English. Who was your English teacher? Borat? You definitely are more suited to writhing than writing.


  1. I would worry if this person self-published since it would only serve to reinforce the notion about "bad writers" self-publish. I'd also worry if they went through the traditional route as well. This shows a lack of editing.

    I want the best people writing, and not for the money which I think is all this person seems to care about.

    Writing is not easy, but is rewarding to those who take the time to listen to advice, and apply it, to their own writing as well.

  2. This illiterate crap is one more piece of evidence that people should have to pass an exam to get a license to publish, or even to paint signs. I know a chimpanzee who can write better than this idiot.

  3. To the alleged writer: