Monday, March 23, 2009

Why do books fail?

What is failure, anyway? And what is success? The definitions depend on your goals. Are you looking to enhance your image, spread a message, change the world, make some money, or all of the above?

Here are some causes of failure:

(1) Your book stinks.

(2) You have too many competitors and probably should not have published the book.

(3) Your market is too narrow -- not enough people care about the subject.

(4) You didn't work hard enough at promoting it. Not enough potential purchasers know it exists.

(5) Your book is hard to find. It’s not available where people expect to buy it.

(6) You're not an independent self-publisher, but used a publishing services company and they made the money that you should have.

(7) Your price is wrong. If it’s too low, there's not enough money left for you and the low price hurts your book's credibility. If it's too high, you may scare off readers or lose sales to competitors

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