Friday, March 6, 2009

Cleanse your copy with Notepad

One of the simplest word processors can be one of the most useful.

Notepad, which has been part of Windows for many years, is so bereft of features that people often ignore it. They use the more sophisticated -- but still free -- Wordpad or a full-featured and more expensive word processor, especially MS Word.

Notepad's dumbness, however, can be an asset.

Notepad ignores formatting.

There's a problem when you need to copy and paste from one document into another, particularly from the Web into Word or a website program. If you do a direct paste, your new document will likely be filled with extraneous links, tables, fonts, pictures and colors that you don't want and will have to eliminate one at a time.

If, however, you first paste into Notepad, and then copy from Notepad into your ultimate destination, the document will be pure, and you'll save lots of time and aggravation.

1 comment:

  1. just right. I've done this various times. Also, the time taken on the destination word-processor is huge even on modern OS with enough RAM.

    after copying from notepad and pasting into a word-processor, it takes far little time.