Thursday, February 5, 2009

My book is being sold in more more places than I expected, and some of them make no sense

My funny book, "I Only Flunk My Brightest Students: stories from school and real life" was first sold on in December. Then I withdrew it to make some changes and corrections. Screw-ups by the printer (such as using the wrong cover) delayed my approval of the corrected version until last Thursday.

As expected, it was available on and by Saturday. This week it was being offered by many more booksellers than I had planned on -- which means more exposure and hopefully more sales. (I did absolutely no work to get them on those websites.) Some are Amazon "affiliates" that sell what Amazon sells. Others are independent companies that sell books handled by Ingram, my book distributor.)

The first surprise was I didn't even know they sold books.

But the biggest surprises were dealers that I never heard of. Some of them made sense, like, Shopier Books and Booksamillion.

And there are even five dealers in Europe selling it.

The book has lots of "adult" topics and I was absolutely amazed to see it being sold at ABC Childrens Books and a religious bookseller.

Even stranger were my book's appearances on websites that specialize in Farsi (Persian) dictionaries, Pokemon, golf and gardening.

Also strange is the wide range of prices being charged for the $19.95-list book: anywhere from $17.95 to $35.

I don't know why my book is on those sites, or if they'll sell any copies, but it's certainly funny to see how my message is spreading.

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  1. Popped over here from Rachelle Gardner's blog to check you out (and expand my publishing world horizon -- shameless). How funny the places you've found your book!

    Nice to "meet" you.