Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kudos for Lightning Source

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that I favor extreme author involvement in book publishing, as opposed to using a conventional publishing house or an "author service company" (a.k.a. vanity publisher) such as Outskirts Press.

By handling everything myself, I get more control, probably more money, probably faster money, and my books are available to be sold much sooner.

I had been planning to use Lightning Source as my Print-On-Demand (POD) printer for I Only Flunk My Brightest Students -- stories from school and real life. But I was a bit concerned about possible problems "FTP-ing" my text and cover PDF files to them. In the past I've used a program called WSFTP for uploading files. It usually works fine, but a few times a year there is unexplained weirdness, and I didn't want anything weird to interfere with my publishing.

I am very pleased to report that everything went smoothly. The entire interaction with Lightning took less than an hour. There were several forms to fill out online, and two to fax to them. I got encouraging emails from their people, and didn't even have to use WSFTP. To upload, I just clicked on the file names on my PC, and their giant computer just inhaled them.

Next step is to wait a few days for my proof. Then I'll make any necessary corrections, get some real books, and send out review copies. Meanwhile I'm finishing up the next book, and I have two more planned for next year.

The first book took me 50 years from concept to completion. I'm 62 years old, so I'll have to work faster from now on.

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