Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If you use this book, you'll have no excuses for publishing an ugly book

Unfortunately, personal computers have made it too easy for books to get published.

I'm certainly not endorsing censorship or licensing for writers, but some of the books that get printed are so poorly put together that I feel like puking on the pages.

Pete Masterson's Book Design and Production is ideal for self-publishers, and will also help authors who use conventional publishing houses as well as print-on-demand publishing services.

This book will help you understand the book production process and the principles of good cover and interior book design. It will help you to analyze your book's look to find what you or your publisher has done wrong, so you can correct the mistakes that might mark you as an amateur and cripple your sales -- regardless of the validity of what you've written.

There are also extensive sections on publishing software, the publishing sequence, selecting and dealing with printers and hiring a designer. There's also a large and well-picked list of online and printed resources for writers.

The glossary is almost an encyclopedia. It's nearly 100 pages long and could be a book by itself. This section is extremely useful, and I enjoyed just picking a random page to read through. Try it. You'll learn a lot, and might have fun.

List price is $29.95, but I got mine for a third less at Amazon.

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