Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free Lexmark software
helps you save paper & ink

Back when brontosauruses roamed the earth, IBM made computer printers in a factory in Lexington, Kentucky. Apparently IBM found it difficult to make money making printers, and in 1991 they spun off the division and it became Lexmark (get it? LEXmark and LEXington.)

Lexmark sells about five billion bucks worth of printers and supplies each year. Some of those printers sell for less than $100, so Lexmark has to sell an awful lot of them. Actually, the real profit in the printer business comes from selling ink and toner, not printers.

Strangely, Lexmark now will give you (not sell you) some super software that will let you use less paper and even less ink or toner, when you print pages from the web. It might seem suicidal for a company that depends on revenue from selling ink and toner to help people to use less of it, but apparently they assume you'll like them because of it, and will be inclined to buy their products.

The Lexmark Toolbar is a program that will let you preview how a webpage will look when you print it, and make selections and adjustments. It also lets you choose to print just the text from a webpage (skipping ads and photos if you like), and you can print with black ink only, to save your color inks. You can even schedule printing, such as printouts of morning traffic reports or evening sports scores to read away from the computer.

It's said to work with all printers, and versions are available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Apparently there is no Mac version.

CLICK to download.

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  1. It is handy that LEXmark and LEXington start with the same letters, but LEX is actually derived from the same root as "lexicon" to mean word.