Monday, September 29, 2008

Morris is a maven and a mensch

The Yiddish word "maven" means an expert, but the term also implies that the expert has some enthusiasm for his subject and is eager to share his knowledge, and doesn't spend all of his time glued to his microscope or keyboard.

The Yiddish word "mensch" literally means a man, but it implies much more. A mensch is an upstanding person, a decent guy, someone who does the right thing, who does more than he has to, a man who is worthy of respect.

Morris Rosenthal is both. Morris is a writer and self-publisher who has become a maven on an important area of modern publishing. He's the author of "Print-On-Demand Book Publishing" and books on building and fixing computers, and the computer service business.

Morris' website supplements the books, and also offers advice in other areas as diverse as visiting Jerusalem, mortgage interest, car repair, and building a timber frame home.

Obviously Morris is one busy maven. So what makes him such a mensch?

Even though I bought exactly one book he wrote, with a cover price of $14.95 which probably only generated a few bucks of profit, Morris still found the time to respond to several emails quickly, courteously and completely. He amplified a topic in his book to help me in my own self-publishing effort.

There are many mavens out there, but very few are mensches like Morris Rosenthal. I highly recommend his book, and his way of life.

CLICK for Morris' website.

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